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Free Download ͐Alpha – Your voice assistant v1.9.3.3 ( Android Apk App

Written By Sharon R Avent on Sunday, September 30, 2012 | 9:00 AM

Alpha ; Your vossistant v1.9.3.3

reata a s a execute comman ☺ it kno what t a tal with y!

Y can talk with Alpha ab the weal contac a much more.

Say exam ☺How is the weather today in Cologne?☺ a Alpha will show y the relent weather data Cologne.

Simply ask Alpha anyth that ines y:

☺ How is it from Cologne to Berl?

☺ How many peo live in Germany?

☺ What is Google?

☺ Who is Angela Merkel?

☺ Show me a picture of the Tower.

☺ How will be the weather like in Par?

☺ How☺s the weather? (automat positi detecti)

☺ What iital of Turkey?

☺ Where am I? (automat positi detecti)

☺ What mea hello in Japane>
☺ Calcate 3 tiinus root of tangent of 3.

☺ What is 2 ti

☺ What is my horoscope?

☺ Show endar.

☺ Do I have an appointment on Friday?

☺ Even from the next day af tomorrow.

☺ Do I have appointmen from Tuesday till Friday 14 o☺clock?

☺ Write an SMS to Jo Doe.

☺ Create a new event.

☺ Remi me tomorrow at 5 o☺clock to the meet with Pe.

☺ the lead actor of the movie Atar?

☺ Who direct in Atar?

☺ How long tak the film Atar?

☺ My name is Pe. (oder in d Einstellung)

☺ My zodiac si is Ari. (horoscop)

☺ Call m

☺ What RTL?

☺ Go to Facebook.

☺ Search Wikipedia antimat.

☺ Op TheTiuk.

☺ TV program tomorrow at even on ZDF.

☺ Wake me up at 6 o☺clock.

☺ Wh FSV Mainz 05 vs FC Cologne play?

☺ How d Bayern Münch vs Borussia Dortmu play?

☺ Write an e-mail.

☺ Navigate to Lonn.

☺ Search restauran near to me.

☺ Are és here?

☺ Navigate to the nearest ctor.

☺ Search a shop in Hamburg.

☺ Switch the light on.

☺ Light off.

☺ Set the timer to 3 minut a 10

☺ Timer at 20 o☺clock.

☺ a much more!

Of cour are only exams ☺ Alpha understan y too, if y speak colloquially. We untelligent Recogniti Resamr☺ meth, which is analyz your speech tih the help of a huge datae ☺ which is grow every day ☺ a provid the best res.

That mea: Up to 60% bet voecogniti!

A the best of all: Alpha improv daily, with your help!

Alpha di☺t understa someth correctly ☺ or someth not work?

T is normal. Alpha is still under development a it can sometid to discrnci. Se us an e-mail, exam via dk me item. We will help y ie!

On the Play Stor not answer y, ununately.

Requiremen By Download Apk Fil | Andro Ap | Andro Market | Ifreeappsandro.blogspot.com

Speech recogniti mode, e.g. Google Voarch or Vlo (both free on the Play Store)

The online TTS is power by iSpeech®.

What;s in t versi : (Updat : S29, 2012)

Com so:

Mus functionality a Alpha in English

Requir Andro O/S : 2.1+





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