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Free Download ͐1Tap Quick Bar 1.1.2 (1.1.2) Android Apk App

Written By Sharon R Avent on Sunday, September 30, 2012 | 9:00 AM

 1Tap Quick Bar 1.1.2

Current Versi: 1.1.2

Requir Andro: 2.0.1 a up

Category: Personalizati

V1.1.2 :

V 1.1.2

- Add language pack: Arab, Wesn Farsi, Portugue>
- Add ability to re-order quicks.

- Various bug fix.

Fl change lo: http://rootuninstaller.com/1tap-qu;change-lo-2/

Requir permissi: http://rootuninstaller.com/1tap-quick-/permissio/

Website: http://rootuninstaller.com/1tap-quick-/

Facebook: http://goo.gl/pVfuF


1Tap Quick Bar is the best i customizati app Andro. It hel y to most comm tas in a shor time, such as change Wifi , l you a an event, launch an rite game just in 1-click. It als to create a beautif i .

** New versi suppor widget with a t of customizati a shortcut. Long pre on home scre to a a new one **

How 1tap Quick Bar wor?

Y can a most of task into i a quickly kick it off in 1tap. It suppor over 60 built-in tas, includ

☺ Direct dial

☺ Direct ,

☺ 1-tap direct web page launcher,

☺i shortcut

☺i launcher

☺ Direct email label

☺ New event, new

☺ Hidd system activiti

☺ 3rd tas: ram boos

☺ Media control

☺ E,.

A quick appea be twist in ms, such as kgrou, ic t color, status ic, e,. to make it the most beautif i .

How to work 1tap Quick Bar?

A quick is a special i that sta on i area. It compoo 6 actio with fly customize i colors, text, kgrou. Actio are categoriz into 5 ma grou:

☺ Sett: quickly toggle a or launch utt shortcut (upto 50 typ).

☺i: launch choicati.

☺ Shortcut: launch shortcut suppli by otherio

☺ Contact: to ml, or email to choact

☺ Mi: built-in comman, hidd activiti

There are special actio that help y to discover hiddio on your dev such asi☺s shortcut,l, y info, e,.

The desi tab hel y to customize any part of a quick .

Free versi suppor one quick . Upgrade to Pro versi enjoy more quick


☺ I t ic on status .

Every quick ne an ic on the status due to Andro system limit. However change the det status ic to ☺transparent☺ ( tab). Mo, it what t.

☺ Quick Bar clomatily wh I click on an item?

Prior to Honeycomb, Andro clomatily i s wh click.

T will not happ on newer versi.

☺ Why some actio not work

Since Andro model chang, some functio are limit, other open. Not all functi wor on any devManuurer/custom ROMs a more comxity to t. We suggest y to try them be permanently add into your quick , especially, mobile data, GPS, mus control. We are work hard to support the best soluti y.

☺ What is l☺ item?

T item is only ailable on ☺phone☺ which suppor to. It will dial the latest number (go, incom or ml).

☺ i kgrou not display right in my Gerbread devhat☺s a kernel bug, sometime i not display correctly on older Andro versi. Newer Andro (ICS, Jelly bean) already fix t issue.

☺ What is Date/Day of Week/Month status ic?

Time status ic will display current date/day of week/month on your status ,

a it auly to match your time.

☺ I n☺t know t item is whether Wifi toggle or Wifi shortcut

Some ite uic resource,

y can lwa show acti label from desi

<☺t uninstall t app

If y enable devdm, y shod disable it be uninstall. To disable goto Home> Me> Setts> Security> Devdministrators, th uncheck 1tap Quick Bar> Deactite, th k toi manager to uninstall it.

kw: i Toggle, toggle , customizati, widgetso, quick launcher, tasker





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