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Free Download ͐Sonos Widget Pro 2.2 (Android)

Written By Sharon R Avent on Wednesday, October 3, 2012 | 9:00 PM

Son Widget Pro 2.2 (Andro)

Overview: Control your Son system directly from your home-scre! Son Widget is a widget your Son system.

Requiremen: Andro OS 2.2 a up

Market Update Relea October 1, 2012

Pr/b> $1.20

TWcXQ Son Widget Pro 2.2 (Andro) yzoiq z6a1595e3 Son Widget Pro 2.2 (Andro)


What;s New in Son Widget Pro versi 2.2:


☺ New volume-st.

☺ Support mti syste with re-scann.

☺ Auto-detect new/remov players a name/IP chang.

☺ Now only connec to kno players on the current network.

☺ 44: Only sho connect players.

☺ 44: Scan butt wh no kno players are fou.

☺ 44: Remove trac from queue us long-pre a proper load of queu with 500+ trac.

☺ Bug-fix.

☺ New scre.

Choothree typ of widge;

☺ Normal (41)

☺ Extend (41) same as Normal, but also sho the album art of the current track.

☺ Controller (44, Andro 3.0+, Pro only) re-sizable widget which giv y comte control of your entire Son System.


☺ Manage all your zon.

☺ Support mti syste (Home/Work e).

☺ See wha currently play.

☺ Playk Volume control

☺ Support mti active widge, each one controll a zone.

☺ Chang appearance of your widge, choomti the />
☺ Controller Widget Andro 3.0+ that giv y a comte overview of your entire Son system.

;; Bas 8212;;

[Add your ZonePlayers]

- Drag a Son Widget to your home-scre, op the me a #8220;A ZonePlayers;, follow the instructio.

[Select ZonePlayer the widget (Normal a Album widget)]

- Af add your ZonePlayers, player a proce by g ;Set as active;. Remember to exit thei us the Back-butt.

[Switch from Playk to Volume control (Normal a Album widget) ]

- Tap on the Artist/Track label to switch view stat.

[Chang active player widget (Normal a Album widget) ]

- From the Volume control view, op the a he new player th #8216;Set as active;.

[Chang appearance of widget (Normal a Album widget) ]

- From the Volume control view, op the a #8216;Change apperance;.

[View queue (Controller-widget)]

- Tap the artist/track label on a giv ZonePlayer to show it;s queue.

;; Issu ;;

[Widget has stopp work]

- If y d to 2.2 y ne to re-a your widge to your hon AN your network.

- Ie that ALL your ZonePlayers have reciv new IP-adresne u#8220;A ZonePlayer; feature to refresh your ZonePlayers.

- Enable ;High Perance; if y are experienc frequent connecti dro.

[No connecti]

- Make sure that the phone is connect to the same WiFi-network as the ZonePlayers.

- The network must support UPnP (t might be disabl by det on your rer).

- The follow por are us connect to a ZonePlayer: 6969, 1900 a 1400.

[Widget is not show]

- Make sure y have a ZonePlayer as active the current widget, t i by a symbol on the ZonePlayer in the list of players.

- Wh add a widget make sure that y exit the us the Back-butt a not via home.

[Son Widget is not sho in the Widget list]

- On some deva custom ROMs it is sometiessary to reboot the deve the widget will appear in the list.

[Son Widget not fi any ZonePlayers on my network]

- Try disabl any network l that s.

- Make sure that the follow por are not block on your network: 6969, 1900 a 1400.

See in-app help further assistance or contact me

;; Permissio ;;

andro.permissi.INTERNET ; T is requir c with the ZonePlayers.

andro.permissi.CHANGE_WIFI_MULTICAST_STATE ; T is requir connect to your ZonePlayers.

andro.permissi.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE ; T is requir stur on devrunn HTC Senbr />
andro.permissi.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE ; T is requir detect network chang (WiFi turn on/off)

andro.permissi.WAKE_LOCK ; T is need to ensure that WiFi remai active dur some actio (add ZonePlayers e).

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Download Son Widget Pro 2.2 (Andro)



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