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Free Download ͐ScreenDim Full 1.18 (Android)

Written By Sharon R Avent on Tuesday, October 2, 2012 | 9:00 AM

ScreenDim Fl 1.18 (Andro)

Overview: Is your minimum scre brightne still too bright? Dim your scre below what your devormally permi comable urker environmen, read in b, amateur astronomy, e.! No root requir.

Requiremen: Andro OS 1.6 a up

Market Update Relea October 1, 2012

Pr/b> $0.99

UhQM ScreenDim Fl 1.18 (Andro)

Save your five rite brightne a contrast as a pre get it k by touch a sle butt or by a Launcher shortcut (ScreenDim also provid a Launcher shortcut to cycle through the pred another Launcher shortcut to disable it).

ScreenDim also creat a i item in your status s easily go k to it to adjust .

ScreenDim is the first dimmer both adjust klight brightne below what the system normally permi on many LCD deva dim the contrast. Some dimmers only fil a lower the contrast, which ke the black areas unchang a glow gray on LCD devwh in the dark a e;t save (a at least one it i that slo 2D scre perance by ab 30% in my test). Many other dimmers only change the klight with the range normally allow by the OS.

I recomme y install ScreenDim Trial prior to purchas the Fl versi to try it three da to ensure fl compatibility with your dev/p>

If y have any proble with ScreenDim, email be leav pdk. There is a lot of riati in howent devhandle scre brightne, a I may be able to adjust ScreenDim to work bet y.

Note 1: On OLED dev there is no klight, so all adjustment is contrast-adjustment.

Note 2: If y enDim too dark y to scre recover by adjust brightne with the volume butto while in ScreenDim, or by tapp where the brightne adjust shod be on the scre if y n;t have volume butto, or by reboot your devon many devt is ne by hold the power butt up to t to turn the devff a th by turn on the dev


What;s New in ScreenDim Fl versi 1.18:

1.18: Tap side to cloct view on Andro 3.0+

1.16.2: S3 bug fix; S+ twea

1.16: UI twea; Galaxy 7.7 optimizati

1.15: Jelly Bean support; Nexus 7 optimizati; Holo theme Andro 3.0+

1.11: Tasker support (om of Help in app inati)

1.10: Convenience optio; Easy mode on Galaxy S2 a Kindle Fire; Bug fix

1.09: Fix lay on smaller scree

1.06: Compact mode on table that le y underlyi

1.05: Can rename pren sav

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Download ScreenDim Fl 1.18 (Andro)



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