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Free Download ͐Walk The World v1.4 (1.4) Android Apk App

Written By Sharon R Avent on Sunday, September 2, 2012 | 9:00 PM

Walk The Wor v1.4

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: Andro 2.1 or higher

Overview: Real beauty of the, rivers, city corners a villag are reveal by foot. T is helpf your health, giv an excellent emotio a memori af return home. Explore the Wor on your foot, visit sacr plac, take a breakl lo life beat, soun a smel. Try to dissolve in unusual cture, wear strange cloth, hear exot vo a try to eat what is be y may tely inedible. Walk arou the Wor with a go map a a no. Famous inest plac (with short descripti), n of hote to stay, a hundre of restauran, sho, exhibiti arenas ; all of t stuff is inside your devith GPS orientati a no necessary innet connecti. Thei data is on openstreetma.org, a uo render engine. Thei ne not innet connecti map data wnload.i has a smooth zoom in/.i data is quite a compact (vector, not bitmap at).


Perm. T is not Europe, not Siberia, not Tundra, not a us Russil «gold r»: Souzdal, Vladimir, Rostov the great. A of cour is not like a busy Ruital citi- Moscow, St.Pesburg. T is remote, but big ci in to ;nowhere;, unexplor by organiz tours a CNN hot video rr. Perm? Where is it? Not ev everyone in Ru correctly pick a point on the map of huge, imperial-siz Russia. Wood Jesus scptur (mixture of ancient go belie a Russian orthox christianity), beautif a giant Ke, us class art exhibitio a motherla of heavy disput modern strange ;r peo; scptur ; Perm a Perm regi is still o tourist trac a absolutely not touch by the ;Lonely planet;. Ask Frommers ; y may get illusl, that t city not exist! Maybe it☺s too small? No! The city☺s popati is approach 1 milli of peo. T is important industrial a commercial cen, busy transport hub a the e of popar TV soap opera ;Real Brothers;.


- Add system me support + rat


- A a lot of popar tourist plac:didate ☺ Bali(Innesia), Stockholm (Swed).

- Remove text flicker dur zoom

- Street na not fit to street polygo

- Thick lin shod have round corners

- Some text clipp/mixture

- Street connecti is nott

- A hours a n addre (street name + hour)

- Improve perance of the graphi render engine

- Map rotati with devrientati chang


- Innet, WiFi, i: all t more exact devositi detecti. No a, no viruspam.


If y like our app, a#8220;stars; to our app rat

Recent chang:

- Triangle clipp bug fix

- Opera Theai is fix

- Some misprin are fix

- Modern art mum locati is fix

- Sk trac are display as tt lin

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