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Free Download ͐System Tuner Pro 2.5.2 (Android)

Written By Unknown on Friday, September 28, 2012 | 9:00 PM

System Tuner Pro 2.5.2 (Andro)

Overview: The most comte Andro tuner a manager all your phon a table!

Requiremen: Andro OS 1.5 a up

Market Update Relea Sember 28, 2012

Pr/b> $3.89

b7sjD System Tuner Pro 2.5.2 (Andro) 3EFiT System Tuner Pro 2.5.2 (Andro)


The most comte Andro system suite: monitor a record all activiti, kup a restore *any*io, extend task killer, CPU SD a memory contro, logcat reader, minal emator, widge a io, all in one highly optimiz app!

WARNING: System Tuner Pro Requir WIFI, BT, PHONE a GPS permissio to record phone stat. App check with Pricy Inspector!

By the lowest consumpti monitor app! Check web-site app consumpti!

< a shortcu to your home scre any of the betur/scree!

System Tuner Pro

Task Mana be a UI, o)

- Fil uem/kernel procesexclusi list

- Sho c load/frequency, memory/innal/sd usage

- Sort proces tiart time, memory or by name

- Kill n manually exclud ap auly

- Sho detail inati ab runn ap a proces>
- Op app system

- Read a

- Manually kill runn ap

CPU Manager (root phon):

- Tweak CPU governor + frequenci dur scre-ofl

- Tweak CPU voltage (wh ailable on custom Kernel)

- Set CPU on boot

- Ueam wh ailabl disable it

Extend Task Killer

- Kill n-exclud ap auly or manually

- Kill ap dur scre-on, scre-off or wh widget refresh

- Manually exclude or include ap

- All system ap are exclud by det

- Manually kill kernel procest)

- Display memory a SD detai (RAM innal)

- Backup/restore/uninstall u, only APKs are k-up

- Launch a read a

- Freeze/unfreeze ap

- Remove app from boot, enabl/disabl any app even

- Backup/restore/uninstall any ap a , includ system ap

- Launch a read a (disabl on JellyBean)

- Displayi dathe usage

- Sorti by name, data usahe usage

- Move any ap to/from system/upace

- h or dhe (must reboot af)

Activity Recorder:

- Record (optionally at boot) activiti in the kgrou

- Record all ap or all proces>
- Record phone stat (scre, wifi, bluetooth, g, mobile data, signal)

- Import Baty Monitor Widget Pro data detail analys!

- Allo analyz past records with limi


- Displa) all/one proce

- Fil logcat by leve

- Fil logcat on un text

- Sa to file

- Clear exist logcat (root)

Terminal Emator:

- Ke tory of previously ux comman

- Save put to file

- Run pre-exist scrip

- Run comman as Super Ut)

System Tweaker (root):

- bui.prop a sysctl editors

- Twehe size to boost perance

- Tweak IO scheder to boost perance

- App boos on boot (APK alignement + DB cleanup)

- Tweak Andro auto-kill memory

- Ux init.d script wh ailable


- Show c load, frequency, governor, free/ury (flash/innal/sd)

- Show most inati (c, memory, innal, SD)

- Optionally sho a configurable graph time-line

- Provid as exnal packag, many ailable white/black i kgroun


- Manyent widget kgroun: HTC Sen3, Google, Glassy half, ICS or fly transparent.

- Show c load, frequency, governor, free/ury (flash/innal/sd), proce count us text or 2 side leve.

- Star 2ent actio by click on the ic or label, includ:

. Start/stop record proce activity

. Kill all n-exclud proces>
. Refresh

. Start any app activiti

. Op

KW: adnc task killer system panel kup restore record atk manager analys logcat c memd sd su root auto kill governor frequency frequenci minal analyzer ap andro system tweak

What;s in System Tuner Pro versi 2.5.2:

Remove now obsolete system app (hourra!)
Fix system restor app permissio

S6nhA.th System Tuner Pro 2.5.2 (Andro) Xs1n.th System Tuner Pro 2.5.2 (Andro) OXFh.th System Tuner Pro 2.5.2 (Andro) JOwLA.th System Tuner Pro 2.5.2 (Andro)

b4lQN.th System Tuner Pro 2.5.2 (Andro) RfV6M.th System Tuner Pro 2.5.2 (Andro) pzG.th System Tuner Pro 2.5.2 (Andro) ISvGM.th System Tuner Pro 2.5.2 (Andro)


Download System Tuner Pro 2.5.2 (Andro)



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