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Free Download ͐Plants vs. Zombies HD v1.9.5 IPA (1.9.5) iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Game

Written By Sharon R Avent on Saturday, September 8, 2012 | 9:00 PM

Plan vs. Zombi HD v1.9.5 IPA

Plan vs. Zombi HD 1.9.5 is latest releafl HD support iPad 3. Also Plan vs. Zombi HD IPA 1.9.5 has new 4 leve of zombie hord in which y have to fight as great. Get ready to Soil your planet.PVZ 1.9.5 has 50 excellent leve through in swimm pool, fog, day a night which has ability to spe your time with great adventure. Plan vs. Zombi is also the Winner of Best 20 gaough t Year.

Plan vs. Zombi HD versi 1.9.5 has snorkelers, bucket head a s. Zombi love brai they will dance, jump, run a swim. PVZ HD ipa 1.9.5 has grea Retina Display iPadef how y ulimit supply of gree a arn 49 powerf perennia a collect coi to buy power-u a more. Earn 25 iPhone-exclusive achievemen a show off your zombie-zapp prowe.

Plan vs. Zombi HD 1.9.5 Plan vs. Zombi HD 1.9.5 IPA With Fl HD Support For iPad 3

Plan vs. Zombi HD 1.9.5 Featur

Fl support Retina Display For iPhone 4
Fifty excit leve
Compatible with iOS 4 mti-task
New quick play arena
Long Fight
Grow up
Battle zone
Day a night mode
Roof top
Fight Longer, get stronger
Loa of perance enhancemen

What☺s New In Plan vs. Zombi HD 1.9.5

Greets zombie fighs. The zombi have ind en mashe fien have deni y the unflowers! Can y tle through 4 leve of zombie hord us a limit amount of sun a preil in a desperate last sta? Shod y succe, an ev tougher challen y with Last Sta Endle. Grab the new Hammer Time, Still Stand a Stuff of Legen achievemen while y☺re at it. A try some powerf new malle to give tho Gargantuars a go whack!

Now with fl HD support the new iPad.Plus, check the new PvZ merchandias well. It☺s craaaazzy!Featur:


* The Last Sta Game Ptur 5 new leve plus an Endle riant.


* Unlock 3 new achievemen: Hammer Time, Still Stand a The Stuff of Legen.


* Pick up a new Mallet Pack to help y whack zombi in Survil a Last Sta Endle mod.


* Check the PvZ Store loa of great Plan vs. Zombi goo.

Download Plan vs. Zombi 1.9.5

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