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Free Download ͐GoldenDict 1.5.1 (1.5.1) Android Apk App

Written By Sharon R Avent on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 | 9:00 AM

GoldenDict 1.5.1



The est a most mti-at dictionary app on the market. Fly suppor Lvo, Babyl, StarDict, Lo a Dic dictionary fil. Articl sho with fl att, colors, imag a soun. Looku are blaz now carry all the dictionari t together with y on your Andro devbr />
Note: the app is a shell a coh no dictionari, much like a mus player not come with mus. Y uil y already have, or the on y can get on the innet.

T is the pa versi, with no a a unlimit dictionari. There;s also a free versi ailable ; try it first be purchas t one.

Support a:

* Lo .LD2 fil

* Babyl .BGL fil

* ABBYY Lvo .LSD, .DSL, .LSA a .DAT fil

* StarDict fil

* Dic fil

* Hunspell .AFF/.DIC morphology fil

Just copy tho on yod, in the GoldenDict directory!


* All content is sho in fl att, with imag a soun. We n;t compromiality.

* It;s . It fli wh y have a z of dictionari handle hundre of dictionari simtaneously ly well, too.

* The program will understa your typ no mat how y it ; et ab diacrie or punctuati!

* In-program popup mode is support. Configure your e-book reader to u0;ColorDict 3; as your dictionary in, a GoldenDict will pop up.

* Translat from clipboard is easy ; just pre a ho ;Search; butt on your devbr />

* WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE ; to create index fil your dictionari

* WAKE_LOCK ; to ensure y phone e;t slewhile index is in progre (it;s a one-time operati)

* READ_PHONE_STATE ; le check.

T is a fl, pa versi. It has no a a can support an unlimit amount of dictionari! If y ne to test-drive the program, either try the free versi first, or just purchapa versi now a th ask a refu with two wee (w).

SUPPORT AND REFUNDS: If y have any difficty or problem, instead of leav a negative review, write an email to support@goldendict.org, a we;ll sort everyth. Every customer is entitl to an extend fl refu with two wee from the day of purchauestio ask. To get a refu, just write an email to support@goldendict.org tell us so. Enjoy!

What;s in t versi:

Improv Andro 4.x support;

Night mode;

Support of ;Share via;;

Translati now be configur to show either in fl-scre or as a float winw;

Word inpu now be configur ts stay on top;

Adjustable maximum number of match wh typ a word;

Support custom .c styl (on website detai);

Additional ;goldendict.intent.acti.SEARCH; intent is now support (same ar as ColorDict intent);

Fix proble.


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