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Free Download ͐Exoplanet Explorer 2.3.0 (Android)

Written By Sharon R Avent on Saturday, September 29, 2012 | 9:00 PM

Exoplanet Explorer 2.3.0 (Andro)

Overview: Take a journey into despace to visit ali worl arou distant stars

Requiremen: Andro OS 2.1 a up

Market Update Relea Sember 29, 2012

Pr/b> $3.10

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What;s New in Exoplanet Explorer versi 2.3.0:

More planet inati
Now us PHL planet data
3D engine d
Mi. bug fix

Exoplanet Explorer tak y on a journey into despace, beyo the limi of our Solar System. Bahe latest ailable data, y;ll explore virtual mode of more than 700 kno plane a the star syste that they inhabit.

The fl versi of Exoplanet Explorer 2 introduc a feature that will auly wnload the latest planetary discoveri, keng y up to date. For the first time it also includ mode of some of the binary star syste that are kno to have plane, giv y a much bet idea of the riety ofent worl in our Galaxy.

The data is sourc from The Exoplanet Encyclopaedia, SIMBAD, a scientif papers, a if it;s not ailable from one of the, th wherever possible it wicat or estimat, giv y acce to one of the most comte exoplanet data.

In additi to an intuitive in which allo touch driv navigati through our Galaxy, Exoplanet Explorer alss a comprehensive ool which will let y fi the plane a syste that y are inest in. T includ the ability to both sort by planet name, the number of plane in a system or ev th number of stars in a system, to name jus.

Statisti are provid to summarinati in the datae a give y a glo perspective.

Plane have be divid up into 6 clas further subdivid into 3 temperature class inati has th be ureate mode which are th asinto work solar syste to give y an idea of what they might look like if we cod travel there today.

Planet are divid into the follow ma clas

* Mercurian ; rocky worl that have the approximate ma of Mercury

* Sub-ran ; rocky plane with a ma similar to Mars

* Terran ; rocky worl with similar ma to Earth

* Super-ran ; rocky worl with a higher ma than Earth

* Nunian ; gas gian similar to Nune

* Jovian ; gas gian as massive or more massive than Jupi

The plane are further divid into the follow temperature clas/>
* Hot ; plane that are too hot to support liqer

* Warm ; plane in the star;s habitable zone where liqer cod exist

* Co ; plane beyo the habitable zone wher wod only exist as p>

* Pleat proble at ap.burlock.org or email at ap@burlock.org</;t help y he w;t let developers contact u make commen.

* T app suppor ICS, but custom ROMs are not support. If y install a n-standard ROM a have a problem, th contact the ROM developer a rrt the bug so fix it.

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