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Free Download ͐Dr.Web Anti-Virus Life License 7.00.3 (Android) APK

Written By Sharon R Avent on Thursday, September 20, 2012 | 9:00 PM

Dr.Web Anti-ViruLe 7.00.3 (v7.00.3) (Andro) APK

Overview: Comprehensive protecti from virum a dangerous sit!

Requiremen: Andro OS 2.1 a up

Market Update Relea Sember 19, 2012

Pr/b> $75.00

MgyGf Dr.Web Anti ViruLe 7.00.3 (Andro) APK Wy5k Dr.Web Anti ViruLe 7.00.3 (Andro) APK

The le provid with t product is l indefinitely!

Protect your mobile devrom viruspam with a popar anti-virus from lead Russian anti-virus venr Doctor Web, whoim produc first appear on the market in 1992.

Dr.Web anti-virus provid y a your mobile devith the constant anti-virus protecti, the intelligent SM fil a the too to fi your devn ca lost or tt thiev in ca stol.

Thei not the operat system perance, a ; more important ; not reduce the Y can ue a handy desktop widge to acce thei.

Dr.Web anti-virus uunique algorithm to detecte ; Origi Trac; Andro ; which allo detect the new virus li us the knowledge datae on previous threa. A unique record is creat each malicious program a describ the behavior algorithm of t sam. T provid the efficiency of detect new io of the whole virus ly a stly reduc the size of virus data.

Dr.Web anti-virus tur

; Constant anti-virus protecti a threa neutralizati. The anti-virus check of the file systri by file monitor SpIDer Guard, ws in the real-time mode all the fil be sav in the devemory.

; On den is carri by a specif component ; scanner. Dr.Web anti-virus allo to per quick a of the file syste only fil a folders.

; Quarantine. The detect th be delet or mov to quarantine, wher review the detail inati on the potentiale.

; SD-card protecti from contaminati by autorun fil a Exploit.Cpllnk, which rehreat to Win.

; The small size of s virus data allo to save the traff a your money if y are us the limit mobile tarif.

; Detail statisti on the anti-virus operati.

; Two handy widge to chooto manage the anti-virus protecti (siz 1;1 a 4;1).


; Selecti of a SMS fil mod.

; Creati of your o fil profil.

; Black list edit a the contac, from which y wod like to block all inc a SMS, into the black list.

; View bl a SMS.


Anti-theft hel to fi the mobile devn ca lost or stol as well as remotely delete all personal inati from it. Anti- be manag by special SMS to the dev/p>

Anti-theft allo:

; to enable the devlock functi on i restart

; to block the dev require en the password to unlock it

; to limit the number of errors on en the password to unlock the devr />
; to unlock the devy an SMS-comma

; to get the GPS-coordinat of the devs a link to Google Ma

; to remotely delete the inati stor on td

; to actite a sou alert on the dev to block the scre

; to en your o text which will be display on the block scre

; to create a list of frien, who will receive io on chang thd on your devY will be able to manage Anti-theft a to unlock the devrom their numbee y ot your password.

URL fil Cloud Checker

The fil Cloud Checker protec the uhe mobile devith the det Andro brow the undesirable Innet resourc. It can be configur to block all not recommend a potentially dangerous web sit or only ceegori:

; Dru

; Kno virus sourc

; Obscene language

; Terrorism

; Violence

; Weap

; Adt content, e.

Attenti: In cab Anti-theft is enabl on your devy ne to clear the Dr.Web anti-virus checkbox on i a Security tab of the Select devdministrator in devetts be uninstall thei.

What;s New in Dr.Web Anti-ViruLe versi 7.00.3:

Add an opti to show password. If the opti is enabl, an en password is sho as stars.

Add an opti to n e-mail addre wh configur Dr.Web Anti-theft.

Add Turkish language support.

Add in enhancemen.

Add an opti to ist file to Doctor Web Virus Laboratory n in the Custom mode.

Add an opti to scan .ipa fil on iOS operat system.

EDlQw.th Dr.Web Anti ViruLe 7.00.3 (Andro) APK 8zBLC.th Dr.Web Anti ViruLe 7.00.3 (Andro) APK


Download Dr.Web Anti-ViruLe 7.00.3 (v7.00.3) (Andro) APK




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