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Free Download ͐Dolphin Browser 8.8.1 Final (Android) APK

Written By Sharon R Avent on Wednesday, September 12, 2012 | 9:00 PM

Dolph Brow1 Final (v8.8.1) (Andro) APK

Overview: Dolph Browhe FASTEST, EASIEST a most FUN mobile Web brow>
Requiremen: Andro OS 2.0.1 a up

Market Update Relea Sember 7, 2012

Pr/b> Free

WfcC Dolph Brow1 Final (Andro) APK Tsqdh Dolph Brow1 Final (Andro) APK

Dolph Brow88;Formerly Dolph Brow65289; is the wor;s first Gesture, Sonar a A-on enabl mobile web browndro.

; #1 Mobile Web Browndro Market

; Over 10,000,000 total wnloa

; #2 on CNET☺s 100 Andro Ap 2011

; #1 PC Mag☺s ;The 40 Best Free Ap 2011;

;;;;; Dolph Brow7;s Gestur a sides make Web surf , intuitive a fun while on the go. ; USA Today

;;;;; ☺☺it☺s a great, sim brow fee more at home on a touchscre devhan pretty much anyth ell try. acker


; Sonar ☺ Dolph liste a le y uvoo n the Innet, share on your rite social networ, bookmark your rite website, navigate a more.

; Gesture ; Let your inner artist a create a personal Gesture (symbol) to acce the mobile a desktop websit y uost.

; A-on ☺ Beef up your mobile Web/Innet brows experience by install the A-o the tas y ne at your ferti. With more than 60 a count, Dolph A-o enabl any acti to be ne right with the brow can check the Atur with 3 preload on your right Side.

; Webzine ; Fast Web page load, with no a. Dolph Webzine simplifi y read your rite mobile content, from ne to blo a websit. Webzine is now ailable as an A-on the Andro Market.

; Spe Dial ; Visit y rite mobile a desktop websit on the go with one touch.

; Tabb brows ; No ne to toggle betwe scree, tabb brows le y op a switch betwe Web pag as lightn.

; Sides ; Make the best of mobile in via Dolph Side.

Here are a cou of ctur tha a to your Dolph Brownstall Dolph A-o:

☺ Dolph Webzine

☺ Box Dolph

☺ Dolph.fm

☺ Dolph QRCode Share

☺ Bookmark to SD

☺ Dolph YouTube Search

☺ Dolph eBay Search

☺ Dolph Alexa Rank

☺ PDF Viewer Dolph

☺ Web to PDF

☺ Dolph Translate

☺ Dolph Brightne

☺ Dolph Password Manager Lite

☺ Password Manager Pro

☺ Lastpa Dolph Browrem

☺ Xmar Dolph HD*Premuim

☺ Dolph Google Servbr />
☺ Dolph Reader

☺ Google Reader Notifier

☺ Softpedia.com RSS

☺ Dolph Scre Cut

☺ Dolph Tweet

☺ Bookmar Widget

☺ Dolph Desktop Toggle

What;s New in Dolph Browi 8.8.1 Final :

1. Splash Scre: Remov er load.

2. Various bug a stability fix.

3. Fix the freeze issue on startup some dev

4. Fix the context me not accessible on some dev/p>

Dbq9r.th Dolph Brow1 Final (Andro) APK psH5x.th Dolph Brow1 Final (Andro) APK


Download Dolph Brow1 Final (v8.8.1) (Andro) APK



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