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Free Download ͐Dangerous HD 1.2.0 (Android)

Written By Sharon R Avent on Sunday, September 30, 2012 | 9:00 PM

Dangerous HD 1.2.0 (Andro)

Overview: Dangerous is a 3D liv wor space sandbox com RPG with an c story.

Requiremen: Andro OS 2.2 a up

Market Update Relea Sember 25, 2012

Pr/b> $7.99

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What;s New in Dangerous HD versi 1.2.0:

No recent chang.


- Pleawith the free LITE versio on your deve y buy.

- The HD versi pla the same as the SD versi, but has improv a animat graphi celestial bodi (stars, plane, moo) a super high quality FX optio

save your game to the cloud a play from any support plat

- Email us if y ne a refu af Google;s 15 minut.t y to be happy with your purchase.

Dangerous is an c 3D op a liv wor space sandbox com RPG with an immersive a rivet story. Y have be awok from cryo slea century la, a must discover the truth. Are y criminal who will destroy alor the savior of the univerer your wm a travel the galaxy in f answers. Along , y;ll encoun a Universal AI, a shaw group pl tory;s strs, a prince, a schizophren robot, a beautif lieutenant of the Royal Navyrsome mercenary, a suicidal slave, a a playboy figh ace.

Dangerous is a game that is 3 years in the mak!tur:

- 3D real-time sandbox game built with Unity game engine

- metall shader, light, particl, le flare, explosio, fx

- space com RPG with extensive skill tree

- op a liv univer 600+ shi fly arou autonomously

- c story with dialogue system that allo real chobr />
- recruit 6 wm fly with y at a time

- ev discover romance with another w pilot

- recruit 5 corporate pilo who can fly trade r on your behalf

- trade, fight, mine, pir derelict shi a wormhol

- many missi typ: c, freelance, dyna, wman acquisiti, i loyalty

- decom mechani, AI, a i stands

- 20+ shi, 180+ mod, 33 solar syste with a unique follow-throp mechan

- 15+ io to vie r or destroy

- cineera sho y the acti wh it happe

- fly manually with or with Newtonian physi or uilo exclusively

- 22 track t-qualid-winn soundtrack by reno compon Bees

- cloud save le y continue your game at home or on the go

MEMORY: Dangerous ut of memory dur play, so if y have an older deva extraneous progra a reboot prior to play. Y may also turn on the low polyg-count space statio or reduce optio in the Syste>Optio me inside of statio.

TIP: If y are experienc freez or other proble, others have rrt succe by uninstall, reboot, a th reinstall the game.

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