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Free Download ͐BubbleUPnP Pro (Android)

Written By Sharon R Avent on Saturday, September 22, 2012 | 9:00 AM

BubbleUPnP Pro (Andro)

Overview: BubbleUPnP Pro is a fl featur UPnP/DLNA Control Point, UPnP Media Renderer a UPnP Media Server. Play easily your mus, vide a imag on your phone a devon your network (DLNA TVs, XBMC, WMP, ;), from your exnal UPnP Media Servers. Play your phone/tablet media to tho.

Requiremen: Andro OS 2.1 a up

Market Update Relea Sember 18, 2012

Pr/b> $4.53

D3pG BubbleUPnP Pro (Andro)

Browlay y phone/tablet media from other dev(PS3, ;).

Bubbl also be u standalone mus player, ev with any network connecti.

Free versi has some limitatio (of t descripti) be remov by purchas the BubbleUPnP Le app.

Optional Innet Stream:

More than just regar LAN stream, BubbleUPn the uniture to stream efficiently your media via the Innet over a mobile or WiFi connecti. Innet stream requir install oftware ;BubbleUPnP Server; runn on Win, MacOS X, Linux or a NAS (it is not requir regar LAN stream, below).

To learn more ab BubbleUPnP Server a Innet stream visit http://adf.ly/1686190/http://goo.gl/wwx9y


BubbleUPnP Featur:

- Tablet, ICS, GoogleTV support,e mode

- stream mus a vide from your UPnP/DLNA Media Server (Twonky, As, any NAS with UPnP, ;) to your Andro devbr />
- Code support au playk: with system decoders: MP3, AAC (with DRM), WMA, Ogg Vorb. With app;s o decoders: WAV, FLAC, ALAC, LPCM. Samrat > 48Khz a 24 bi support FLAC, WAV.

- Video playk is delegat to an exnal app (VPlayer, MoboPlayer, DICE Player,;)

- stream mus/vide from your UPnP/DLNA Media Server to your UPnP renderers with regar playk contro (play, pau, volume, ;).

- UPnP Media Server (Andro 2.2+): play y phone/tablet media to other devor to your Andro devstandalone media player). Browlay y phone/tablet media from other dev(PS3, WMP, ;). Able to browD Card.

- UPnP renderer: control media playk of your andro devrom another UPnP Control point

- Innet stream/wnload over a mobile or WiFi connecti with BubbleUPnP Server

- UPnP tether with BubbleUPnP Server (mak Media Servers from a LAN visible on another LAN)

- Download trac, fl albu a vide from your Media Server to your andro devwith covers if ailable), to make them ailable in your rite Andro mus a media player

- can play additional media to renderer through 3rd party ap: podcas (Pocket Cas),t radio (XiiaLive), yube,deezer,; (dLin)

- Gallery-like image viewer

- Mute / Rat / Shuffle

- Editable playlist to queue trac playk

- Fly editable sav playlis

- Shuffle Playlist

- Shuffle Library (shuffle trac from your entire Media Server)

- Scrobbl support

- SleTimer

- Display album art

- Display artist info from Last.fm (requir Last.fm app)

- Powerf UPnP Search. Search trac, albu, artis a vide (exact support dn on Media Server)

- Bookmar. Acce quickly albu a folders

- Ranm track list generati. Discover ott ge in your Library

- Mti n. swipe many ite to apply a comm operati

BubbleUPnP free versi limitatio:

- a

- Innet stream with BubbleUPnP Server is limit to 30 minut per app launch

- Playlist a Library Shuffle are limit to 16 trac

- wnloa limit to ch of maximum 40 trac

- renderer is remotely controllable by exnal Control Poin 30 mi per app launch

- Media Server is not browsable by filesystem (SD Card)

- play media from exnal ap is limit to 3 pla per app launch

What;s New in BubbleUPnP Pro versi

- mus fil are cach to SD Card wh stream over an Innet mobile connecti (through BubbleUPnP Server), a add to the Andro Media Library offline playk (with any mus player)

- UI lay fix a twea 7; table (Nexus 7)

- add ;Recently Play; virtual folder in Library

- add opti ;Show track numbers;

- workaround ICS+ issue prevent most D-Link NAS to stream to renderer

- fix app not work with XiiaLive 3.0.0+

- other fix


T is the le BubbleUPnP, remov the a a limitatio of the free versi. Pleall a eluate the BubbleUPnP app first as t is just the le.

To hide t le app ic from the launcher, start t le app a click ;hide launcher ic;.

2In1p.th BubbleUPnP Pro (Andro) m205b.th BubbleUPnP Pro (Andro)


Download BubbleUPnP Pro (Andro)




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