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Free Download ͐Battery Widget? Reborn! Pro v1.0.17/PRO (1.0.17/PRO) Android Apk App

Written By Sharon R Avent on Friday, September 28, 2012 | 9:00 PM

Baty Widget? Reborn! Pro v1.0.17/PRO

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: Andro 2.3 a up

Overview: T is is Pro versi of Baty Widget? Reborn!i.

T app provid follow functionality:

Baty widget

- circle y leveoortly fi pure Andro desi

- resizable on Andro 4.x+

- support both ma a exnal ck y (Asus Transer only)

Bas y info

- Baty Info

- Shortcu to Power-Summary/Backgrou Sy/Wifi/BT Setts

Status i of y status

- mti ic styl

- predicti (estimati) how long y las

- customizable tex in i area (estimat time left, voltage, temperature, y health)

Power sav functionality

- automat airplane mode dur the night (sim but powerf y saver functionality)

Charg a discharg chart

Extend io support Jelly Bean phon

- optional charg a discharg chart

- power relat toggl:

- Wifi

- Bluetooth

- Backgrou Sy

- Airplane mode

- customizable i priority

Holo theer on all phon with Andro 2.3+

Specif HW venr support

- suppor Motorola 1% increment

- suppor Asus Transer y (ck) y

Installati a operati not


- Task Killer or Task Manager mat t app. Plea uif app not work as expect

- App is highly optimiz a DOES NOT dra y y

- Kno issu are at http://www.ywidgetreborn.com/kno-bu.htm prioritize bug fix a enhancemen there by vot

- Frequently ask questio are at http://www.ywidgetreborn.com/html, look there be support request

- Due to the limitati of the Andro plat, hon widge will NOT be ailable ifi is mov d.

- Some devindicate y level every 10% due to their kernel desi (kno on are: most Motorola devinclud Dro a Atrix Samsung Moment Try to uola 1% hture if your phone is among the

- In Andro 4.0, the system may shrink a dim leveor ico in status .

UI is more or le translat to German, Chineh, Polish, English, French, Czech, Spanish, Italian, Portugueussian.

Volune translatio at http://translatio.huek.net/app/bwr

Which versi to wnload?


- All flavors of the app are A free.

- Download Baty Widget? Reborn! (BETA) if t to eluate whether it fi your nee.

- Download Baty Widget? Reborn! Pro if t support development.

- Freemium Lite versi is com so.

What;s in t versi:

- list of bugfix visit http://www.ywidgetreborn.com/k;u.html#fix

- add new languag (Slok, Danish)

- new READ PHONE STATE permissi is requitp://www.ywidgetreborn.com/k;ml?ticketId=20

T app has NO advertistrong>

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