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Free Download ͐AutomateIt Pro 4.0.50 (Android) APK

Written By Sharon R Avent on Friday, September 21, 2012 | 9:00 AM

AutomateIt Pro 4.0.50 (v4.0.50) (Andro) APK

Overview: AutomateIt is design to make youeasier by automat rious tas on your Andro devbr />
Requiremen: Andro OS 2.2 a up

Market Update Relea Sember 19, 2012

Pr/b> $1.54

MkUAB AutomateIt Pro 4.0.50 (Andro) APK 8xizB AutomateIt Pro 4.0.50 (Andro) APK

AutomateIt PRO has all the goo that the free versi has a it;s an ad-free, popup-free versi with some awesome new a adntur.

The adntur includ in t versi are:

* Composite Triggers ; uthan a sle trigger each re us AND/OR log betwe theers

* Composite Acti ; execute actio as a rest of a sle trigger ( be a composite trigger)

* Re Active Peri ; ctive peri each re. Really u y ot a certa re to be active only dur daytime, weeken, just an hour a day e.

* Sensor Trigger ; utilize all your dev8217; as a trigger a desir acti. T includ usage of all the support by Andro ; Accelerome, Light, Proximity e.

* Calendar Trigger ; monitor even on yourent endars

* Enable/Disable Scre Lock Acti ; Enabl or disabl your scre lock slide/patn/password/p

* Cancel delay executi by trigger ;cel delay executi wh defin trigger is launch

* Cell ID Trigger ; Trigger wh connect or disconnect from defin cellar cel (Unlimit number of predefin saio)

* Recurr Event Trigger ; Execut a defin acti every defin time inl

* Copy Re ; Create a new re, on an exist one

Visit the developer;s website ue theeatur.

If y are upgrad from the free versi, follow thee st an easy upgrade:

Backup your exist r from the ma scre me

Uninstall AutomateIt free versi

Install AutomateIt Pro

Restore your k-up r

Note: Stur might require root ; ripti of free versi or visit developer;s website.

Want to AutomateIt with your o language ?

Currently suppor English, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Polish, Danish, French, Italian, Czech, Slok, Romanian, Chineussian.

What;s New in AutomateIt Pro versi 4.0.50:

* New ur ; t versi introduc a comtely new ur to make youa lot easier wh us AutomateIt

* R Market now easily share your awesome r with the wor a others are to make theieasier

* New website

RvmwF.th AutomateIt Pro 4.0.50 (Andro) APK DuFZY.th AutomateIt Pro 4.0.50 (Andro) APK


Download AutomateIt Pro 4.0.50 (v4.0.50) (Andro) APK




lucky patcher requir AutomateIt Pro 4.0.50 (Andro) APK

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