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Free Download ͐APP LOCK (FakeCrash+ SafeSMS) v2.0.0 (2.0.0) Android Apk App

Written By Sharon R Avent on Wednesday, September 19, 2012 | 9:00 PM

APP LOCK (FakeCrashMS) v2.0.0

Requiremen By Download Apk Fil | Andro Ap | Andro Market | Ifreeappsandro.blogspot.com
: Andro 2.2+

Overview: Pricy Mas Premium: ;All-In-One; App Lock with Most Need Featur

Pricy Mas Premium: ;All-In-One; App Lock with Most Need Featur:

Lock ur Ap from anywhere thru SMS

- Comte Arrest phoe of theft

- Lock or Fake crash ap

- Receive SMS from lov on

hide SMS i

- Anti-Theft-Alarm integrat



+ Promis Perance &tive Power-Sav

+ Remote-Loce y misplac your phone at offome lock your ap a data through SMS.

+ Theft-Loce your mobile is stol lock ap through SMS a make the phone unusable by the thief.

+ Receive Protect SMS: Now your lov sonal s more freely.(See below 4 more detai)

+ Creative Widget: Be lend ur phone just touch t widget, all your pre ap will be protect.

+ Easy to Unlock: Why to meddle with annoy patn lock wh y can en passcode in a simr way.

+ FakeCrash: Fool your frien who oft tamper your ap/gadisplay a ;Crash msg; instead of prompt passcode.

+ Hide SMS i: Incom SMS will not be notifi in the i .

+ Fake No SMS receiv: Wh active all your receiv SMS will rema unread in your Message inbox & Message App ic will not show y the newly receiv SMS count.So your frien will no more be tempt to op your incom s.

+ USBLock: Bloc data t from phd thru USB.

+ Lock Google Play: Bloc google play store.

+ No Rat Aui: Opti to enable one time aui i.e. all your lock ap once unlock will not prompt your to en passcode aga until y

lock your phone.

+ Voler: Do someone tamper your phone af y asle U aler to notify wh someone tri to unlock the protect ap.

+ Autorun on Reboot: Ev if the phone is restart your protect ap will rema protect.



Go to App Setts->Remote-Setts->Set your o Remote-Lock keyword (Det:PMPLock) Note: It;s casitive. T keyword shod be the start word of your Remote-lock SMS follow by on/off a app naarat by space.

Support Ap Remote Lock a i correspond keywor:


TASK-MANAGER ; taskmanager

CONTACTS ; contac

GMAIL ; gmail

GTALK ; gtalk

GALLERY ; gallery

PHONE ; phone


MEMO ; memo

MAPS ; ma

USB ; usb

E.g:Remote-Lock SMS sams

pmplock on ; Star Protecti a will protect the pre ap

pmplock on contac gallery usb ; Star Protecti a will lock ;contac;,;gallery; & ;usb; along with the pre ap pmplock on gmail ; Star Protecti a will display crash wh someone ope gmail a the pre ap

pmplock off ; Sto Protecti



In caphone is stol, your immediate acti must be to our ap a data. So follow SMS to your phone.

pmplock on theft ; T msg will start Pricy Mas Premium in Theft-mode which will lock almost all ap a so your phone becosable. Ev if restart it will protect your ap a data until the right Passcode is en.



All y ne to is to share your Remote-Lock keyword to your lov on.

Now tect s by hav the keyword follow by ;on; a their s content.


pmplock on Hi, miss y.:(

The above s will auly start Pricy Mas Premium a will lock the app so that only if unlock, th be read. So from the s they ne not u#8220;pmplock on ; keyword.

I sincerely thank u all us my ap a also provid me the luad a suggestio which is help me to make

bet ap. Lookd your support to Pricy Mas Premium.

- Deman

P.S:Encouragemen are welcome in the of ☺☺☺☺☺

T app has NO adverti/strong>

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