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Free Download ͐Learn Japanese Kana in 1 day 1.0 (Android) APK

Written By Sharon R Avent on Saturday, August 25, 2012 | 9:00 AM

Learn Japanein 1 day 1.0 (v1.0) (Andro) APK

Overview: Learn Japanest one day with Dr. Mo!

Requiremen: Andro OS 1.5 a up

Market Update Relea Sember 22, 2011

Pr/b> $1.82

Dz7iE Learn Japanein 1 day 1.0 (Andro) APK ytj0h Learn Japanein 1 day 1.0 (Andro) APK

With Dr. Mo y can mas the Kana (Hiragana a Katakana; the two esJapaneng syste) in just one day.

The Dr. Mo system uoni to help y learn the Kana auly a eflessly. Mnemoni are memory tric that u or a memorable personal connecti to help y fix a break associatio so that your bra has no chout to remember.

Dr. Mo is thet soluti learn Japanehe comte beginner, young or o. It☺s the fun a foolpr to mas Japanese.

With t app i easy peasy to learn Japaneasy!


☺ Audio cli to help pronunciati

☺ 2ent Learn mod: Manual (allo y to learn at your o spe) a Autoplay (Each symbol a audio clip play in )

☺ 3ent Quiz Mod: Easy, Hard a Mas

☺ Quicence allo y to jump instantly to the scree t to revise

☺ Introductory guide to learn Japane pictorial exams.

Each scre preJapanesymbol along with the mnemon clue a the audio clip. Read the clue, list to the clip a move on to the next one. The alnat bo colors will re bra so y start fresh with each new symbol, allow y to learn with try.

If t to rapidly increalearn power or just impre your frien, with Dr. Mo;s Mnemon learn syste auly a eflessly learn Japanese.

With Dr. Mo y will be amaz at your ability to learn l.

Learn Hiragana, Learn Katakana, Kanji, mnemoni, Japaneig, kana, language

10I.th Learn Japanein 1 day 1.0 (Andro) APK vXT7b.th Learn Japanein 1 day 1.0 (Andro) APK


Download Learn Japanein 1 day 1.0 (v1.0) (Andro) APK



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