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Free Download ͐External Keyboard Helper Pro 4.5 (Android) APK

Written By Sharon R Avent on Friday, August 24, 2012 | 9:00 PM

Exnal Keyboard Helper Pro 4.5 (v4.5) (Andro) APK

Overview: Take fl control over your exnal Bluetooth or USB keyboard.

Requiremen: Andro OS 2.1 a up

Market Update Relea August 24, 2012

Pr/b> $2.42

yn0mv Exnal Keyboard Helper Pro 4.5 (Andro) APK ZkHTn Exnal Keyboard Helper Pro 4.5 (Andro) APK



A n visible soft keyboard (Input Meth) intend to be u e Bluetooth a USB keyboar. It auly brs up the Input Meth dialog wh Bluetooth keyboard connec or disconnec (on some devt can also be made to work with USB keyboar). It suppor a lot ofent keylays n-US exnal keyboar a also provid a lot of configurati optio.

T app NOT require a root dev there is a DEMO versi ailable if t to try it be buy.

Exnal Keyboard Helper Pro Featur

* Innational keyboard lays.

* Up to 16i shor be add (exam start Google Ma with Alt+M e.)

* Up to 16 text st be a (exam inr email addre with Alt+E e.)

* Rema e key to be turn off)

* Allo y to control which characs shod be treat as combin characs.

* A ;nl; Soft Keyboard to ue keyboar (Bluetooth USB).

* Auly brs up Input Meth n dialog wh Bluetooth keyboard connec or disconnec (Andro 2.3+).

* Automat dete also work with USB keyboar on some plats (experimental) (Andro 2.3+)

* App that brs up Input Meth n (easy acce)

* Switch betwe up to three lays of your chos a key or key combinati.

* Can choop auly on language in your devbr />
* Bloc long-pre-popu on Andro 2.x.

* Change the key rat delay a rate.

* La be modifi a two un custom la be configur.

Currently support keyboard lays

* Arab (101, 102 102 AZERTY)

* Austrian

* Belgian

* Bosnian Herzegovian

* Czech

* Croatian

* Danish

* English (Colemak, Dvorak, Dvorak Left ha, Dvorak Right ha, Dvorak Programmer, GB US-Innational)

* Estonian

* Faroe
* Finnish

* French (Bépo, Canada, France Switzerla)

* German (Germany Switzerla)

* Greek

* Hebrew

* Hindi Traditional

* Hungarian

* Iceland

* Italian

* Latvian

* Lithuanian (Numer)

* Norwegian

* Persian

* Polish

* Portugueil, Portugal Br-Nativo)

* Romanian

* Russian

* Serbian

* Slok (qwerty qwertz)

* Slovene

* Spanish (Lat Spa/Int Dvorak)

* Swedish

* Thai (Kedmanee Pattachote)

* Turkish (F Q)

* Ukrainian

* Vietna>

All lays are on standard USB Keyboard lays. Bluetooth keyboar sometinot follow the standard comtely but it is possible to manually customize mapps.

Characs be treat as combin characs

* acute

* breve

* car

* cedilla

* circumflex

* diaeres/umlaut/dialytika

* dialytika ton

* t above / t below

* uble acute

* grave

* hook above

* ogonek

* r

* tilde

* ton

What it NOT

* It w;t fix your Bluetooth or USB connect keyboard ifn;t work in the first place.

* It not auly switch Input Meth. It only sho the dialog a y will have to choo Meth manually. T is an intentional limitati built into Andro by Google. No app is allow to change Input Meth with uracti (unle the app is a system app).

What;s New in Exnal Keyboard Helper Pro versi 4.5:

* Add Hindi Traditional lay

* Add Thai lays

* Add Ukrainian lay

* Fix AltGr with Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 ICS firwmare a genuine Samsung keyboar

* Add a translatio.

U4bzZ.th Exnal Keyboard Helper Pro 4.5 (Andro) APK RQ3S.th Exnal Keyboard Helper Pro 4.5 (Andro) APK

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Download Exnal Keyboard Helper Pro 4.5 (v4.5) (Andro) APK


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